The “key factor” to consider for an optimum investment:

  • Raw material: it is fundamental to realize a plant sized to the real productive capacities in terms of raw material (agricultural and zootechnical waste). The main problem is represented by an insufficient feeding of the plant resulting in a loss of production.
  • Competence: Greenergy Impianti is the only player in a high complexity field, managing the analyses of the raw material, selection of the supplier, authorisation process and financial consultancy, applying its know-how in the field, developing the best technological and customised solution for the Customer.
  • Reliability: Greenergy Impianti work and experience results in an effectively efficient and up to date plant, but, above all, reliable and guaranteed. It is advisable to be suspicious of economically advantageous solutions, given the sensitive technology of this energy source.
  • Financiable: the use of state of the art, advanced and reliable technologies, guarantees a high possibility of the investment to be financed, about which Greenergy Impianti can provide complete support.


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