Biomassa - Guida all'investimentoThe “key factor” to consider for an optimum investment:

  • Raw Material: it is possible to size a plant based on the company’s resources, but also finding different materials available on the market. The balancing of such supply and the fine-tuning of the heat and electricity usage depends also on the raw material available, aspect most of the time underestimated.
  • Competence: Greenergy Impianti is the only player in a high complexity field, managing the analyses of the raw material, selection of the supplier, authorisation process and financial consultancy, applying its know-how in the field, developing the best technological and customised solution for the Customer.
  • Efficiency: Greenergy Impianti selects only the best technology to optimize the system’s efficiency and therefore its profitability.
  • Financiable: the use of state of the art, advanced and reliable technologies, guarantees a high possibility of the investment to be financed, about which Greenergy Impianti can provide complete support.