Greenergy Impianti S.r.l. since 2006 researches and selects the best technologies for energy saving and energy production from renewable sources. It offers solutions and services that ensure sustainability and avoid any incompatibility between the environment and development.

Greenergy designs and manufactures photovoltaic systems, wind power and bio-energy taking care of the entire work process from design to implementation and providing support and maintenance of complex systems. During its years of activity has built over 15 MW of plants and 100 MW of projects on all sources of renewable energy. From 2015 Greenergy becomes the unique partner of Gamesa Electric for distribution of charging stations for electric vehicles on the whole country.

Today is looming a company able to understand the needs of a changing market and to support the development in terms of sustainability, culture, partnership, innovation and efficiency. In line with these values Greenergy renews its visual identity keeping the elements of continuity that characterized the company so far and reinforcing the idea of open system able to recover the dynamics of the relationship between the individual, society and environment.


We want to enhance the charm of the technologies to which assign social, aesthetic and symbolic values. To represent the encounter between energy, environment and technology, we have developed a visual identity that combines the qualities of each urban artefact: structural, functional and aesthetic interpreting renewable energy as energy that  creates energy, able to change the space, the architectural, urban and social elements.

These are the points on which it was structured the new identity of the company entrusted with the planning and design study of Roma CO-CO.

The result of the project is no longer in a static brand  but in a variable and multifaceted visual identity   able to generate an extraordinary variety of combinations always recognizable.

The company is so prepared to celebrate its 10 years of activities affirming its open nature, dynamic and constantly evolving.