The word Energy Efficiency means efficiency improvement. In the energy field it represents a consumption saving that is obtained by using materials and advanced technologies. It implies a cost reduction given the same result or even an improvement in the quality of the product.

Greenergy Impianti S.r.l. is in the Energy Efficiency sector since 2006.

efficientamento greenergy impianti

Thanks to a team made of professional technicians it is able to provide any kind of solution regarding efficiency, saving and energy certification.

For this reason we offer a free of charge survey and energy analysis so to understand how and how much you can save from a thermal and energy point of view by means of new technologies and customized measures.

Once carried out an inspection and gathered the necessary documentation (electricity/gas/GPL bills, site plan and architectural design, electric and/or thermal project already in place) we present the energy audit of the structure and our technical and economical proposal and a possible financing plan and/or the chance to adhere to governmental incentives for the Energy Efficiency.


The main solutions are:

  • relamping, that is the replacement of inefficient halogen or incandescent lamps, therefore cause of energy squandering, with led lamps with the same (or even higher) luminous output and an higher duration time wise;
  • replacement of the old thermal system with high efficiency heat pumps for heating, summer air conditioning and domestic hot water production;
  • replacement of the old thermal generator with condensation boiler or biogas for heating and domestic hot water production;
  • replacement of doors and windows with low thermal transmittance products;
  • insulation of walls and roofing with low thermal transmittance materials;
  • installation of control and load management systems;
  • installation of power factor correction for the reduction of reactive energy consumption;
  • production for personal use from renewable energy.