Within the energy storage systems considered as an added source of domestic power, the key factors to evaluate for an optimal investment are:

Photovoltaic plant size: to obtain the best productivity and set the correct size of the energy storage sytem, it is very important to know the estimated functioning time left of an already existing photovoltaic sytem.

Greenergy Impianti, after a previous site inspection and analysis of current energy consumption (considering the withdrawals and entries in the national energy network), proposes the best solution for an energy storage system, tailored on the specific need.

Reliability: the energy storage system is guaranteed and certified according to the current European regulations for the electrotechnical sector. 

Greenergy Impianti chooses an energy storage system after a detailed analysis of the market, which allows to to have one of the best products available with a 10 years guaranteed lifespan (extensible to 12), and 10.000 charge cycles.

Autonomy: by adopting an energy  storage system it is possible to reach the so called “energetic autonomy”, being able to use the energy produced during the daytime, even at night.

Such independency allows the user not be affected by power cuts or energy price increases.

Greenergy Impianti performs a feasibility study thanks to which it is possible to estimate the maximum reachable level of consumption of self-produced energy through an energy storage system. 

Flexibility: the moderate dimensions of the energy storage sytem allow an easy and quick installation in any place of your house.

Greenergy Impianti will take care of the installation and maintenance of the energy storage system for you.