Settore Agricolo Fotovoltaico
The agricultural field can freely be the main player since it has a variety of use of the photovoltaic modules. The plant can easily be integrated on the roof of any agricultural building or attached fields. The aim is to make aware the agricultural sector to today’s energetic sceneries, promoting saving and creating revenue opportunities and requalification of farms.



Settore Industriale Fotovoltaico

In the industrial sector where a high quantity of energy is needed, the use of such technology represents an  appropriate, economic and eco-friendly solution. The installation of the plant leaves the company not only independent since it produces by itself the energy needed, but adds an added value. The realisation of a photovoltaic system will be a company cost and as such will be treated. Thanks to subsidies and today’s legislation it is simple, profitable and responsible to adopt such type of technology.



impianti civili

In the urban sector, photovoltaic represents a considerable help for the savings of energy consumption and a safe investment. The plant can be positioned on the top of the house in a parallel way (pitched roof) or through the use of dedicated inclined structure  (flat roof). The energy can be used for own consumption reducing in this way the cost for buying it.