A photovoltaic plant is above all made of photovoltaic modules that intercept solar radiation and convert it into direct current. They are anchored to the ground or buildings through support structures that guarantee them the best exposure in terms of incline and orientation.

The modules connected among themselves form the strings and the electric parallel connection of more strings form the photovoltaic field.

The latter is connected to an inverter, an electronic device that converts the direct outgoing current from the photovoltaic generator into alternating current  guaranteeing the desired tension value.

After having crossed the generator and the interface device, which are connected to the relevant protections aimed to guarantee the security and quality of the photovoltaic plant service, the generated energy is counted by a production meter and later it becomes available to the users.

The part not immediately consumed, after having crossed the general device, is counted by a bidirectional exchange meter and introduced in the network.


nozioni generali fotovoltaico


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