Guida all'investimento fotovoltaico

The “key factor” to consider for an optimum investment::

  • Size of the plant: to obtain the optimum return and gain from a plant it is necessary that it is tailored to the customer’s energy needs. To realise a bigger plant doesn’t mean more savings on the energy bill or higher revenue from the net metering service. Greenergy Impianti after the site inspection and analysis of energy consumption proposes the ideal solution.
  • Reliability and disposal: a photovoltaic system to last in time, must be realised with material that are certified and guaranteed. Greenergy Impianti chooses the best components (inverters, structure and electric material) available on the market paying particular attention to the disposal issue of the modules at the end of their life so to provide a 360° service.
  • Return of investment: thanks to the subsidies in place for the construction of a photovoltaic plant (tax credit and net metering) it is possible to have a return of investment in few years. Moreover Greenergy Impianti gives assistance and support in finding a credit line.