The plant can be placed to any belonging to a property or field, given that it is possible space wise and correct exposition and incline of the modular surface.

The optimal incline of the panels is 30° considering the surface with an exposition to South and it is the one that in Italy allows to obtain the maximum annual energy production. On the Italian territory it is possible to estimate the following maximum annual production:


installazione fotovoltaico puglia

  • northern regions: 1.100 kWh/year
  • central regions: 1.250 kWh/year
  • southern regions: 1.400 kWh/year.


Moreover the annual energy production of a photovoltaic plant depends on:

  • solar affecting radiation in the installation site
  • absence/presence of shading
  • technical performances of the plant’s different devices.


Type of plants:

  • stand-alone: plants not connected to the network which energy produced is the only source available to the users; the energy produced and not utilised immediately, is accumulated in dedicated batteries to guarantee continuity of energy during night hours or temporary break down.
  • grid-connected: systems that produce energy for the users and introduce into the network the energy in surplus (without the use of batteries); such plants have the peculiarity to work in an exchange regime with the local network; during daytime the users consume the energy produced by their plant, while when the light is not sufficient or the production doesn’t satisfy the needs, it will be the network to guarantee the supply.