The “key factor” to consider for an optimum investment:

  • Wind: there are areas windier than others and Greenergy Impianti has located sites in which the wind blows constantly all year long with an average higher than anywhere else. To make an investment in a place with high wind presence means having a return sometimes doubled. With a simple click, the customer will see the real time production.
  • Guarantee: a critical factor for the investment are the guarantees the builder of the wind farm’s blades gives. In many contracts it is not well specified what happens if there are malfunctioning in the wind farm’s blades or if they break down. Greenergy Impianti selects only the best producers in the field and focuses the attention only to those who are able to offer the best guarantees both in terms of loss of production and emergency service.
  • Certifications: each producer provides a technical specification about the so called power curve. This is not enough, it is needed a third party authority certification about the power curve.
  • Authorisations: Greenergy Impianti with its internal and external staff manages the whole authorisation process thanks to the experience made during the years and to the knowledge of the national and regional regulation.Eolico - Guida all'investimento